This course has been designed to make sure you pass your driving test for a set budget. The Guaranteed Pass Driving course enables you to take as many driving lessons in Exeter as it takes to make sure you are ready for your driving test. If you do not pass your driving test first time you will continue to receive more inclusive driving lessons* and use of the car for driving test retests until you pass your practical driving test**. This will give you the peace of mind that you will successfully pass your driving test for a fixed price.

How the Guaranteed Pass Driving course works.

Initially your course will be spread over 2 to 6 weeks before your driving test, the minimum in car driving lesson length will be 2 hours. A minimum of 40 hours of practical training will be planned prior to your practical driving test. One week before the driving test your instructor will assess your driving by giving you a mock driving test. If your instructors professional judgement is that you are not ready for the driving test your test will be postponed and additional lessons will be planned. When you and your instructor agrees you are ready, you will take your driving test. If you are unsuccessful on the first driving test you will receive a minimum of 5 hours of extra lessons before taking another test. If you fail another driving test again they will receive more remedial driving lessons and then take another test. This process will be repeated until you successfully pass your driving test*.

What is included in the Guaranteed Pass Driving course?

  1. As many driving lessons as you need to reach and pass the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) driving test*
  2. Three DSA practical driving tests**
  3. Driver Active Online Training System

What is not included in the Guaranteed Pass Driving course?

  • The DSA theory test

* Maximum of 100 hours tuition and three DSA Practical Driving tests within 12 months from course commencement.
** Additional DSA practical test fees apply after a third unsuccessful attempt.